Weight Management

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  • Added Sugars

  • Adjustable Gastric Banding Surgery

    Looks at adjustable gastric banding surgery (also called gastric banding), a type of weight-loss surgery used to treat obesity. Explains what it is and why it is done. Looks at how it is done and what to expect after surgery. Also covers risks.

  • Biliopancreatic Diversion and Biliopancreatic Diversion With Duodenal Switch

    Discusses biliopancreatic diversion, surgery for obesity that makes the stomach smaller and bypasses part of the intestine. Looks at why the procedure is considered only for people who have not been able to lose weight other ways or whose health is at risk. Includes risks.

  • BMI, Waist Size, and Your Health

    Learn how a high BMI and waist size affect your health.

  • Body Mass Index (BMI)

    Your body mass index (BMI) and waist size affect your risk of type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and coronary artery disease. The following table shows the risk. Body mass index (BMI) and the risk for diseases Classification BMI Waist size and relative risk Men: less than 40...

  • Boosting Your Metabolism

    How is it that two people of the same age, gender, and height can eat the same foods and be equally active, but one gains weight while the other loses it? One piece of the puzzle is metabolism. How well your body burns energy to keep up basic functions like...

  • Child Who Is Overweight: Evaluating Nutrition and Activity Patterns

  • Child Who Is Overweight: Medical Evaluation

  • Choosing a Weight-Loss Program

    If you decide to join a weight-loss program, here are some questions to ask before you join: Does the program provide counseling? A good program teaches you how to permanently change your eating and exercise habits with group or one-on-one support. Is the staff qualified? All program staff...

  • COPD: Avoiding Weight Loss

    Covers causes of weight and muscle loss when you have chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Includes why weight loss is a concern with COPD and how to avoid it. Guides you through ways to add nutritious calories and protein to your diet.

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