CarePartners of Connecticut

Now more than ever, you need a Medicare plan with the right coverage to keep you healthy. CarePartners of Connecticut is the state’s only Medicare Advantage plan created with local Hartford HealthCare doctors you know and trust*

*We may contract with other Plans/Part D-sponsors

ER Wait Times
Average wait time to see a physician or advance practitioner in accordance with symptom severity.

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Urgent or Emergency?
What kind of care do I really need?

Go to Urgent Care for...

Wounds, lacerations, minor burns
Sprains, fractures, dislocations
Insect bites, allergic reactions
Abscess, boils
Dehydration, nausea, diarrhea
Upper respiratory infections
Fever, cough, cold, flu
Migraines, headaches
Bronchitis, asthma attacks
Ear infections, earaches
Corneal abrasions, Pink Eye
Urinary tract infections

Go to the ER for...

Loss of Consciousness
Fainting, Sudden Dizziness or Weakness
Changes in Vision
Trouble Walking
Severe Shortness of Breath
Severe and Sudden Onset of Pain
Coughing Up or Vomiting Blood
Head Injury
Major Bone Break
Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings
Chest Pain

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