Outpatient Psychiatry and Behavioral Health

Our outpatient centers in New Britain and Southington provide individual and group counseling along with substance abuse treatment and other trauma-based treatment for depression, anxiety, and mental health concerns.

We offer counseling to:

  • Individuals, Couples and Families
  • Spanish-speaking Clients
  • Polish-speaking Clients
  • Older Adults

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Mental Health Programs

The Day Treatment Program
Partial Hospitalization Program: meets 5 days per week for 4 hours/day.

Outpatient Counseling Programs Schedule:
Intensive Outpatient Program Mental Health & Substance Abuse tracks: Meets 3 days per week for 3 hours/day.

Specialized Groups
Including Depression & Anxiety, Anger Management, Women’s Issues, Life Skills, DBT, Relapse Prevention.

Group and Individual Therapy
Including couples and family therapy.

Trauma-based Treatment
Victims of Crime Act Grant: Individual therapy, group therapy, medication management.

Our Social Workers

  • Natasha Bolorin, LCSW: 860.224.5267, New Britain
  • Francis Dahlmeyer, LCSW: 860.276.3970, Southington
  • Jodi Desautels, LCSW: 860.224.5267, New Britain
  • Hector Figueroa, LCSW: 860.224.5267, New Britain
  • Taylor Gallimore, LCSW: 860.276.3970, Southington
  • Grace Herman, LCSW: 860.224.5267, New Britain
  • Kimberly Hughey, LCSW: 860.224.5267, New Britain
  • Pamela Kieras, LADC: 860.276.3970, Southington
  • Patricia Lewis, LMFT, LADC: 860.224.5267, New Britain
  • Coralys Mercado, LPC: 860.224.5267, New Britain
  • Bethany Michaud, LCSW: 860.224.5267, New Britain
  • Maria Pacheco, LCSW: 860.224.5267, New Britain
  • Elyse Remillard, LPC: 860.224.5267, New Britain
  • Andrew Sampiere, PCSW: 860.224.5267, New Britain
  • Danielle Turner, LCSW: 860.224.5267, New Britain

Behavioral & Mental Health