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Tracey Staehle – Shoulder Surgery

Jumping for Joy: Good Health and Fitness.

Bone & Joint Patient Stories TraceyAs a fitness instructor, Tracey Staehle of Simsbury isn't one who takes to resting easily. But when her left shoulder pain got to the point where she couldn't do a push-up, get a full night's sleep or be 100 percent for an upcoming fitness video, she knew something more had to be done.

Over a two-year period, Staehle had seen different doctors, tried physical therapy and received three steroid injections to her shoulder before a friend recommended she see Dr. Robert Belniak.

Belniak, who specializes in sports medicine and shoulder conditions, performed minimally invasive arthroscopic surgery for Staehle, 38, who suffered from shoulder impingement (irritated rotator cuff muscles) and tendinitis (inflamed tendons) brought on by her occupation. Her outpatient surgery at The Hospital of Central Connecticut. Staehle, a first-time patient to the hospital, was thrilled with the care provided by the surgical team. "I loved it. They were so nice."

The certified aerobics instructor and personal trainer admits the toughest part of recovery was listening to doctor's orders. With a sling around her arm, Staehle was teaching a class at the Big Sky gym in Simsbury just two days after surgery. Within six weeks she had complete range of motion in the left shoulder and has since regained left shoulder strength. "I can fully function now."

Staehle, who has finished filming her eighth fitness video, is glad she came to The Hospital of Central Connecticut. "I had a really great experience. It couldn't have been better."


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