The Hospital of Central Connecticut Laboratory


The laboratory is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Courier Service

Hospital couriers make specimen pick-ups, report and supply delivery, and are trained in specimen handling to ensure specimen integrity.

For Stat Pick-up

Bradley Memorial Campus: 860.276.5370
New Britain General Campus: 860.224.5581

Client Services

Client service representatives are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to answer your questions or concerns related to tests and specimens (860.224.5581, New Britain General Campus; 860.276.5370, Bradley Memorial Campus). Calls requiring technical or interpretive information will be directed to the technical departments or pathologist in charge.

Specimen Requirements

For the Laboratory to process a patient sample, the following are required:

  • Ordering Physician Information Including Physician Signature
  • Complete Patient Information Including Date of Birth and Hospital of Central Connecticut Medical Record Number, if Available
  • Diagnosis as ICD-9 Code or Written Diagnosis if ICD-9 Code is Not Available
  • Primary Insurance Information Including Insurance Name, Policy Number, Group Number, Relationship to Patient, Insured’s Employer and Payor Number

Verbal Orders

Laboratory orders require a signed, written request. Fax orders to the drawing facility where the patient is having his/her blood drawn. Mandatory information includes patient name, diagnosis, requested test(s) and the physician’s signature. Verbal requests are permitted only if a written request is received within 30 days.

Standing Orders

A standing order eliminates the need for a request every time service is needed. The order may be faxed to the facility or be written on a laboratory request form. Standing orders must be updated at least annually by the facility and require the same information as listed above in the verbal orders, as well as order frequency.

Add-On Laboratory Tests

Laboratory tests can be added to previously collected specimens by faxing the order to the laboratory at 860.224.5773, New Britain General Campus and 860.276.5163, Bradley Memorial Campus. The request must include the patient name, test(s) required and physician signature.

Explanation of Call Parameters

Critical values will be reported 24 hours a day, seven days a week to the individual requesting the test or the individual responsible for using test results.

Repeat Determinations

Repeat testing is routinely performed when results do not match previous ones or when results are questionable. There is no additional charge to the patient. Physicians can request repeat testing by consulting with a pathologist or a technical staff member. Each request will be evaluated.


Routine laboratory results are printed and delivered via courier, telephone, facsimile, or computer terminal.

Stat Results

Stat results are called to the appropriate locations. The patient will always be identified by full name and medical record number. When the result is given verbally, staff will be required to read back and verify.

Critical Results

Critical values will be reported to the individual requesting the test or the individual responsible for using test results.


Use The Hospital of Central Connecticut (HCC) Office Forms and Supplies Requisition Form (#1185) to order:

  • Specimen Collection Supplies (Only For Tests Sent to The Hospital of Central Connecticut)
  • Requisitions
  • The Hospital of Central Connecticut Office Forms

Return the form via The Hospital of Central Connecticut courier. For forms, call the laboratory at 860.224.5581.

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