Webinar: Living with Advanced Cancer Support Group

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In this free support group you will have the opportunity to meet and speak openly with peers who have been impacted by advanced stage (metastatic) disease. All are welcomed to join. Plus a LIVE Q&A with the expert!

Open to any person who is adjusting to life following an advanced stage cancer diagnosis (also called metastatic disease) and interested in peer support.

Tuesday, February 27th,: Please join us for a special lesson in creating your own nature mandala. This is a fun project that combines mindfulness and creativity to promote healthy coping and focus on the present moment. Prior to the group, gather some simple natural materials from your environment – examples include: leaves, pinecones, small rocks, twigs, and/or fresh or dried herbs and flowers.

This support group is also offered in person. If you would like to attend in person please go to the class: On Site: Support Group: Living with advanced cancer and enroll.


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