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Heart Failure Resource Center

Among our key program strengths are a Heart Failure Resource Center aimed at helping to reduce hospital readmissions; our new Women’s Heart Wellness Center, designed to address women’s heart disease treatment and risk; and cardiac catheterizations, including angioplasties, which provide emergency care for heart attack victims.

The Heart Failure Resource Center at the Hospital of Central Connecticut goal is to improve quality of life and assist in preventing hospitalization of our heart failure patients. As part of our heart failure initiative our resource center provides detailed education to patients and family regarding disease management. Our services include:

  • Cardiovascular exam

  • 30-45 minutes of in depth patient education and counseling
    • Disease process
    • Diet
    • Medication therapy
    • Daily weights
    • Signs and symptom recognition
  • Communication to your primary provider and/or cardiologist

  • Free pill box and/or scale

For more information or brochures, please contact our office at 860-224-5684.

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