Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Alliance

Together. Ahead of Cancer.

In 2014, Hartford HealthCare Cancer Institute — the five cancer programs of Hartford HealthCare’s multi-hospital system in Connecticut — became the first member of the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Alliance.

Memorial Sloan Kettering awarded membership after a thorough analysis of six disease specialties (breast, colorectal, kidney, lung, prostate and uterine) and 11 disciplines at the Institute.

The alliance’s benefits soon became apparent with the formation of the first Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Alliance clinical trials site. By the end of 2015, five alliance trials were opened to Hartford HealthCare Cancer Institute patients.

It can take years for medical treatment performed in clinical trials to become widely available at hospitals throughout the country – eight years, on average, says Hartford Healthcare President and CEO Elliot Joseph. But the alliance gives cancer patients in Connecticut access much sooner to breakthrough research, innovative treatment options and specialty care.

Future projects include conducting joint quality and outcomes research to measure the success of the alliance, as well as exploring collaborations beyond the six disease specialties.

Together, we’ll stay ahead of cancer.

Community Care, World-Class Expertise

The Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Alliance brings the resources, latest treatment protocols and physicians’ expertise from one the country’s top cancer treatment and research centers to our community’s oncology providers. Last year, MSK was ranked as the No. 1 cancer center in the country by U.S. News & World Report, a ranking due in no small part to MSK’s dedication and commitment to leading-edge cancer research.

Cancer experts and specialists from Memorial Sloan Kettering and the Hartford HealthCare Cancer Institute spent thousands of hours reviewing processes and clinical standards across multiple disease specialties and disciplines, ensuring the treatment our patients receive is aligned with MSK standards.

The New York-based cancer center currently has more than 900 active clinical trials and protocols in process. And as a member of the MSK Cancer Alliance, the Hospital of Central Connecticut's new cancer center in New Britain has unique access to many of those trials, making it possible to bring the very latest in research trials to patients without requiring them to go to MSK’s New York campus, or to any other cancer facility far from home.

The alliance between the Hartford HealthCare Cancer Institute and MSK means cancer patients in local communities such as Bristol, Berlin, Southington, Plainville, New Britain and Waterbury now have access to potentially life-saving treatments that would otherwise be unavailable to them without traveling far from home.

The MSK trials are famous for breaking new ground in the way cancer is understood and treated, leading to dramatic shifts in care. In particular, MSK’s revolutionary “basket trials” have shifted the focus to the very cells that contribute to tumors, creating genetic therapies that call for highly individualized treatment plans.

Faster Access to the Best Care Available

This distinctive clinical and research partnership is built to rapidly move innovative, evidence-based cancer care into the community setting and enable two-way learning across the institutions.

A Commitment to Collaboration

Membership in the MSK Cancer Alliance means cancer experts and specialists at both MSK and the Hartford HealthCare Cancer Institute are regularly collaborating and consulting on the best course of care for individual patients, and establishing consistent standards of care for numerous cancer types. The alliance enhances the chances for improved outcomes for patients, expedites the time it takes to get the most advanced treatment to our patients and eliminate barriers to high-quality cancer care that many patients and families in Connecticut face today.


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