Hartford HealthCare Cancer Institute

Comprehensive, Coordinated Care

The Hartford HealthCare Cancer Institute delivers high-quality, standardized, multidisciplinary and coordinated care to all cancer patients, no matter where in the HHC system a patient receives care.

Full Continuum of Specialty Services

The institute model of care provides all the types of expert care a patient may need for his or her treatment and overall quality of life. Cancer-care teams of oncologists, surgeons, radiologists, pathologists, nurses and researchers and others meet weekly to discuss new patients.

Through its membership in the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Alliance, the Cancer Institute has expanded and enhanced well-established cancer programs, services and research across our network of hospitals and providers. The Hartford HealthCare Cancer Institute has implemented the world-class Memorial Sloan Kettering standards of care.

Unmatched Access to Innovation

Hartford HealthCare Cancer Institute patients have unprecedented access in Connecticut to Memorial Sloan Kettering clinical trials. These research trials are conducted by Hartford HealthCare physicians right here in our local communities, bringing the latest cancer research to your front door.

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Cancer Care

Cancer Alliance

Together Ahead

Memorial Sloan Kettering has selected the Hartford HealthCare Cancer Institute as the first member of the MSK Cancer Alliance.

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