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  • Making a Birth Plan

    A birth plan lets you write down your vision of an ideal birth and share it with your support person, the hospital or birth center, and your doctor or midwife. Your birth may not go as planned. But the process of making a plan can be a great way to...

  • Caregiving: How to Give a Bed Bath

    Bathing a person regularly is an important way to help keep their skin healthy. It can help prevent infections, and it's a good time to check for sores or rashes. The amount of help a person needs when bathing depends on how well they can move. You may be caring...

  • Keloid Scars

    What is a keloid scar? A keloid (say "KEE-loyd") is a scar that grows bigger and wider than the original injury. Keloids most commonly grow on the breastbone, shoulder, upper chest and back, earlobes, and face. Keloids do not become cancer. But they can be bothersome or painful enough that...

  • Healthy Weight: Thought-Tracking Journal

    The upsetting situation Stop: My discouraging thought Ask: Is that a helpful thought? Choose: My new, encouraging thought Example My diet isn't going well right now. I can't lose weight. Why should I even try? Who says I can't lose weight? How am I going to lose weight if I...

  • Heart Health: Where Will You Be in 5 Years?

    Hear what motivated other people to make changes to keep their heart healthy.

  • The Difference Between Hospice and Palliative Care

    Palliative care is a type of care for people who have a serious illness. It can help you manage symptoms, pain, or side effects from treatment. It can also help you cope with your feelings about living with a serious illness. Hospice is for people who are near the end...

  • Healthy Weight: What Works

    Learn three proven strategies to help reach a healthy weight.

  • Healthy Weight: When Success Slows Down

    You've had success with weight loss, but now you're stuck. Get help thinking about what's in your way.

  • Cholesterol Numbers: What They Mean for Your Health

    Learn what your cholesterol numbers mean for your health.

  • Healthy Eating: What Will Make It Work for You?

    Get inspired to make some healthy changes to the way you eat.

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