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Mock emergency drill at hospital uses high-tech mannequin

New Britain [May 09 2011] - On May 6, staff with The Hospital of Central Connecticut and New Britain Emergency Medical Services participated in an emergency drill involving a new, high-tech mannequin that can mimic a myriad of health problems, including some life-threatening conditions.

The drill, held on one of the hospital’s nursing units, involved physicians, nurses, respiratory therapists and other medical personnel responding to what they believed was a real patient in cardiac arrest. Nancy Giardina, the hospital’s Emergency Department educator, and Justin Lundbye, M.D., director, Division of Cardiology, started these regular drills to improve patient care and outcomes; evaluate staff response times and performance; and promote teamwork and collaboration.

The May 6 drill used the The SimMan® 3G mannequin. Programmed and controlled via laptop computer, SimMan exhibits vital signs, including breathing, blood pressure and pulse. Vital signs and select symptoms can be programmed in by an operator – either before the drill or on scene – with a laptop computer. The mannequin also responds to treatments; for example, if SimMan is having a heart attack and medical personnel administer nitroglycerin, the mannequin will respond to that treatment and results will be immediately be displayed on the laptop.

In April, HCC used the mannequin in a mock disaster drill involving a simulated fire on one of the nursing units.

Unlike many other simulation mannequins, SimMan is wireless. “This is bedside or field training, as opposed to training done in a simulation center,” said Capt. David Koscuk, New Britain EMS. “It’s like treating a real patient.”

“It’s so lifelike,” Giardina said. “It’s not like a rubber mannequin that’s not doing anything. Caregivers are getting an immediate response to their actions.”

The SimMan used in the recent drills is owned by Central Connecticut State University. The mannequin training is provided in collaboration with the CCSU School of Education, CCSU Institute of Technology and Business Development and the New Britain EMS Academy.

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