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Hospital Blood Bank Receives Accreditation

New Britain [January 17 2006] - The New Britain General Hospital blood bank received a two-year accreditation this month from the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB).

“We’re very pleased to receive continued accreditation,” said David Krugman, MD, medical director of the hospital’s blood bank. “Our role is that of caretaker of a precious product donated by volunteers. It’s our job to see that this resource is safely and appropriately given to people in need. It is important that the public and our patients are assured that we meet or exceed the highest levels of quality and care.”

The AABB is an international non-profit organization, and the sole blood bank accreditation agency in the world. Accreditation follows an intensive on-site assessment by specially trained AABB assessors and establishes that the level of medical, technical, and administrative performance within the facility meets or exceeds the standards set by AABB.

“The AABB’s accreditation procedures are voluntary,” said Cynthia Albert, blood bank supervisor. “We believe it is extremely important to have this accreditation because it tells the public that we are adhering to the highest standards of excellence in dealing with blood products. This is essential to the highest quality of patient care.”

The blood bank, or transfusion service, Albert notes, is also inspected and approved by the State of Connecticut, the Food and Drug Administration, and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, in addition to meeting the standards of the Red Cross. The blood bank has been continuously accredited for many years.

The New Britain General Hospital blood bank is technically referred to as a transfusion service, differentiating it from the Red Cross in Farmington, which collects and distributes blood products. The hospital’s main source of blood products is the Red Cross, which receives the large majority of its blood from donors within Connecticut.

In the past year, the NBGH blood bank transfused more than 10,000 blood products. This means that 10,000 units of blood products were processed through the blood bank’s lab and matched to a patient in need. The blood bank supplies all parts of the hospital (such as the operating room, emergency department, or ambulatory surgery unit) as well as the Hospital for Special Care, and NBGH-affiliated dialysis centers in Newington and Forestville.

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