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Weigh Your Options Program 11 South Road, Suite 130, Farmington

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Care team

Weigh Your OptionsSM and the obesity surgery program at The Hospital of Central Connecticut use a multidisciplinary approach. We provide continuity of care through long-term commitments to our patients, from evaluation and education through follow-up care. The team includes our physicians and other members:

Internal medicine specialists

Internal medicine specialists work with your primary care physician to address medical issues that arise during your participation in our medically managed weight-loss programs. Our lead medical physician is Thomas Lane, MD.

Registered dietitians

Registered dietitians are available to work with you in group and individually. Our dietitians are experienced in all aspects of medical nutrition therapy as it relates to weight management.

Registered Nurses

Our registered nurses coordinate your care with the clinical team. Our RNs are experienced in medical and surgical weight-loss interventions.

Exercise instructors

Exercise instructors provide you with realistic and effective physical activities to manage your weight and improve your health. Our specially trained and credentialed instructors provide individualized exercise prescription and instruction at our on-site exercise facility.