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Pain management treatments

Pain management treatment options, as well as frequency and duration, vary according to the condition. They include:


With this outpatient procedure, a needle is used to remove a tiny amount of a degenerative or herniated spinal disc. This procedure may also be done surgically for larger herniations.

Epidural steroid injection

Treats acute conditions in herniated discs, as well as stenosis, post-shingles pain, and neuropathy.

Facet injection/medial branch blocks

This uses an anesthetic and sometimes steroid to treat pain from facet joint arthritis affecting the spine.

Intradiscal electrothermal therapy

Heat is applied through a needle, providing temporary relief at the spinal disc.

Nerve block

An anesthetic and usually a steroid are injected around a nerve.

Radiofrequency therapy

This uses high-intensity heat to destroy nerves, including those which serve the facet joints.

Spinal cord stimulation

For patients who have failed conservative therapy and surgery for severe arm or leg pain of various causes, electrodes are placed permanently in the back to replace the shooting pain with a tingling sensation.

Trigger point injection

A local anesthetic, with or without steroid, is used for severe muscle spasms or chronic headaches.


Small compression fractures, often caused by osteoporosis, are cemented together. This procedure is also done by Hospital of Central Connecticut interventional radiologists.