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Pain management services

New Britain General campus: (860) 224-5011

The Hospital of Central Connecticut recognizes the importance of pain control. Our services comprise care for patients seen within the hospital and in outpatient settings.

Pain care at The Hospital of Central Connecticut

With pain recognized as both a sensation and emotional experience, assessing one's degree of pain is critical in determining how to best treat the condition, whether the patient is in the Emergency Department, an inpatient care unit, or the surgical setting.

Hospital staff members assess pain, conduct frequent evaluations, and, as necessary, adjust medication and treatments to help the patient return to his/her optimum level of functioning. Similar procedural methods are done for children and infants.

Outpatient pain treatments

Many people experience what's termed "chronic pain," and The Hospital of Central offers multidisciplinary pain management services, with both pain management and behavioral management specialists. Pain is termed chronic when it continues for more than three months.

Pain conditions commonly treated

Pain management specialists treat a number of chronic pain conditions, including those related to the back, neck, nerves, as well as headaches, muscle spasms, neuropathy, and compression fractures. Care frequency and duration vary.