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Cardiology / Cardiovascular New Britain General campus

Bradley Memorial campus

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Specialized services

Among specialized services available in the Critical Care Unit:

  • Therapeutic hypothermia provides state-of-the-art therapy for patients who have suffered a cardiac arrest. A patient’s body temperature is cooled to 91 degrees F for 24 hours to improve survival chances and attain good neurologic outcome.
  • Intra-aortic balloon pump provides hemodynamic support to patients with shock due to heart failure. The pump supports heart function during recovery.
  • Swan-Ganz catheter is specialized tubing placed within the patient’s heart enabling physicians to measure pressures and blood flow inside the heart and adjust medications to treat the patient more precisely.
  • Percutaneous ventricular assist device (VAD) crosses from inside the heart to the aorta (main blood vessel that delivers blood to the rest of the body) and functions as a temporary heart pump when the heart is too weak to pump the blood by itself.