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Cancer Services The George Bray Cancer Center Toll Free

New Britain General campus
(860) 224-5299

Novalis Radiosurgery Both campuses
1-800-321-6244 Option 4

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Infusion (chemo) therapy

New Britain General campus: (860) 224-5610

Chemotherapy uses drugs that destroy cancer cells. Drugs are usually given intravenously, but may also be given by mouth, as an injection or applied to the skin.

Your physician will decide which drugs - or combinations of drugs - to use based on your health, the type and location of your cancer, your response to the drugs and other factors. Chemotherapy drugs are often given with other medications that control side effects.

Comfortable environment

At the George Bray Cancer Center, chemotherapy is administered by oncology nursing-certified (ONC) R.N.s. We strive to provide the most comfortable environment for our patients, offering light meals to patients while they receive treatment. Patients may read a book, watch TV or listen to a CD from our Auxiliary Cancer Resource Library.