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Breast Nurse Navigator New Britain and Bradley campuses
860-827-0525 option 4

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Breast cancer care

Breast Nurse Navigator

New Britain and Bradley campuses: 860-827-0525 option 4

Program Services

Breast cancer program services begin once a patient's mammogram indicates the need for a biopsy or other additional tests. The radiologist who obtains mammogram results will share them with the patient's primary care physician.

Next steps are:

Schedule an appointment with a surgeon

Depending on mammogram results and other factors, patients will have a stereotactic, ultrasound-guided or surgical biopsy. Prior to a biopsy, and within 48 hours of the abnormal mammogram, the patient will see a surgeon. The patient can choose a surgeon or their primary care physician can recommend one. The surgeon will review the patient's films, do a thorough exam and explain biopsy options. The surgeon and the patient will determine if a biopsy is needed and which type is most appropriate. Staff at the surgeon's office will then schedule the biopsy.

Patients will also talk with a breast nurse navigator, who can answer questions and offer guidance and support before and after the biopsy.

Weekly breast conference

Each week, 15-20 specialists from Surgery, Radiology, Medical Oncology, Radiation Oncology and Pathology meet to discuss each new patient's case. They review the patient's health history and test results, then work together to develop recommendations for the best treatment plan for that patient. The patient and his or her surgeon make the final decision on treatment.


The hospital offers a variety of breast cancer treatments, including surgical procedures, chemotherapy, SenoRX Contura brachytherapy and other radiation therapies and more. Learn more about breast cancer treatments.