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Family BirthPlace New Britain General campus
(860) 224-5566

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Ferdinand Sauer, M.D.

From a plaque at the Ferdinand Sauer, MD Family BirthPlace:

The Family BirthPlace is dedicated in celebration of the life of Ferdinand Sauer, MD, who served this hospital as an attending physician for twenty five years.

His tenure was far too brief, but in that time, Dr. Sauer's achievements were extraordinary. He advocated for patients in both words and actions, striving to make each delivery special, not only for the mother but for loved ones around her. He gave generously of his time and energy to acknowledge the humanity of each patient.

Accomplishment is also judged by what a person leaves behind - the influence and inspiration - and here Dr. Sauer's legacy can never be measured. He was an exceptional teacher, as well as an avid learner, one who derived great joy from mastering new techniques and approaches to be used for the good of his patients, students, and colleagues.

He understood the integral role of nurses in the care of the obstetrical patient, holding them in the highest regard. Brilliant and wise, talented and devoted, Dr. Sauer encouraged others to appreciate that teams of people accomplish more than individuals ever can.

In recognition of the legacy and accomplishments of Dr. Ferdinand Sauer, this Family BirthPlace will be graced with his name in the hope that all who pass through these doors each day will continue to celebrate his care and compassion, his enthusiasm and excellence, his understanding that a job well done is its own reward. Ferd Sauer touched the lives of many, and left this hospital, and the world, a better place.