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Physician's Assistant Surgical Residency Program New Britain General campus
(860) 224-5513

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Lectures, programs and labs are designed to give P.A. residents a comprehensive understanding of pathophysiology of surgical diseases.

Instruction covers:
  • General surgery and selected subspecialty topics.
  • Peri-operative management of surgical patients
  • Intra-operative assisting
  • Post-operative complications and emergencies
  • Development of technical skills and bedside invasive procedures
P.A. residents will also be involved in M&M conferences, Grand Rounds and formal presentations to surgical attendings.

The didactic curriculum is divided into two phases:

Phase I - prepares the resident to function as a surgical house officer. Time is designated for integration into the surgical team, before the resident's actual assignment to supervised, after-hour call.

Phase II - addresses certain specific diseases and continues through the remainder of the residency.


P.A. residents begin participating on the surgical team immediately, starting as observers and progressively taking more responsibilities until they are ready to serve as supervised first responders to surgical issues.

Duties include:
  • Comprehensive H&Ps
  • Writing patient orders and notes
  • Responding to and evaluating patient problems
  • Rounds
  • Ordering diagnostic studies
  • Assisting in the OR
  • Performing consults and invasive procedures (with supervision)
After-hour calls are assigned on a rotating basis and integrated into existing staff P.A. schedule.

Clinical rotations

During rotation, surgical P.A. residents maintain affiliation with the general surgery team. Rotations concentrate on general surgery, with other rotations in intensive care, orthopedics, urology, colorectal, vascular and neurosurgery.