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Your health information. At your fingertips.
Now, you can access your health information anytime, anywhere, with MyHOCC. This online resource allows you to conveniently and securely view a summary of your Hospital of Central Connecticut medical record, view upcoming hospital appointments and more. My HOCC also provides on-line access to your HOCC-affiliated doctor’s office!

MyHOCC complies with HIPAA patient privacy laws and allows you to securely use, store and share your health information. With MyHOCC you can:
  • View Upcoming hospital appointments or request an appointment at your affiliated doctor’s office
  • Easily access a summary of your medical record including:
    • Lab results
    • Hospital discharge information
    • Medications you are taking
    • Allergies
    • Immunizations
    • Your medical conditions
  • Link to trustworthy resources to find out more about health conditions and treatments
  • Create your own personal health record (PHR) so you can actively manage your health status (PHR FAQ)
  • Send secure messages to your HOCC-affiliated doctor’s office
  • And more!

Information about the patient portal is available at the hospital’s main Patient Information desks and Registration areas at the New Britain General and Bradley Memorial campuses and is strategically located in many of the clinical areas throughout the hospital. Information is also available at your participating doctor’s office

How do I Get Started?

For your security, we currently require on-site registration. Photo identification and an email address are required to enroll.

MyHOCC - Hospital Portal: Registration is located in the Health Information Management (Medical Record) department at the New Britain General or Bradley campuses.

MyHOCC – Your On-Line Doctor’s Office - Registration is available at your participating doctor’s office.

Health Information Management DepartmentS
New Britain General campus (8 a.m.-4 p.m.)
100 Grand St.
New Britain, CT 006050
Phone: (860) 224-5686
Fax: (860) 224-5920

Bradley Memorial campus
81 Meriden Ave.
Southington, CT 06489
Phone: (860) 276-5034/5036
Fax: (860) 276- 5081

Who may have access to MyHOCC?

Access to the patient portal is available for all Hospital of Central Connecticut patients, or patients of HOCC affiliated providers, ages 18 and older. Access for minors (under age 18) is not currently available through MyHOCC to ensure compliance with Connecticut privacy laws. You may, however, set up and access a MyHOCC account for another adult who gives you permission.

Proxy Access: If you have a parent, spouse, or significant other who would like you to access THEIR medical information through the patient portal, an authorization form must be completed that lists you as the "Proxy/Other Individual" who is authorized to access their information. The e-mail invitation will be sent to your e-mail address. You may serve as a proxy for any patient with their written authorization.

This option is beneficial when the patient does not wish to (or is unable to) use a computer to access their information and would like to rely on you to manage or obtain updates on their health information by accessing the MyHOCC patient portal.

For questions regarding registration to the patient portal, contact the Health Information Management (Medical Record) department at (860) 224-5686 or ask your participating provider.

MyHOCC Participating Doctors

These Hospital of Central Connecticut physicians participate in the Online Doctor’s Office Portal: