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Care coordination

New Britain General campus: (860) 224-5107
Bradley Memorial campus: (860) 276-5007

Care coordinators ensure your care needs are identified and arranged for, during and after your hospital stay. They work with you, your family and your healthcare team to develop a safe after-care plan. Your after-care planning starts the day of your admission. By having a safe plan in place, you and your family can avoid making last-minute decisions, or worrying about "what happens when I leave the hospital?" Having a discharge plan does not mean you will leave our hospital sooner. It means you will leave our hospital safer. Your physician will let our team know when your needs can be safely managed outside the hospital setting.

After your hospital stay

Your care coordinator can give you a list of area facilities and services that provide short-term rehabilitation, skilled nursing facilities, home care and others. Once you choose a service or services, your care coordinator will help you finalize arrangements. Your care coordinator can also help you identify what your insurer will cover, or direct you to financial or community resources that can help.

* Care coordinators will help you and your family arrange short-term nursing home care if appropriate, but cannot always guarantee placement in your facility of choice. Many factors, including bed availability, medical complexity, and insurance contracts determine if the facility can meet your care needs. Please list at least three skilled nursing facility choices and we will work with you and your family to ensure your care transition goes smoothly.

For more information

Central Connecticut Health Alliance

The hospital is part of the Central Connecticut Health Alliance (CCHA), a group of affiliated healthcare organizations that also includes long-term care facilities; community and home health programs and services; senior living and assisted-living facilities; rehabilitation services; an occupational health center and other care providers. Learn more about CCHA.

Connecticut Center for Healthy Aging

If your family member is struggling at home, or you're concerned about their safety, transportation or social needs, Connecticut Center for Healthy Aging can connect you with area resources that can help.

Medicare information

Visit the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) website for information on Medicare; which healthcare services are covered; choosing a nursing home; using an Elder Law attorney for estate planning and more.
  • View the CMS brochure to help you determine if you're considered a hospital inpatient or an outpatient (pdf).
  • View a list of questions to ask the hospital staff before you are discharged (pdf).